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About me

My name is Janusz Finder and I'm the owner of Linguafin. I teach English, do translations and proofreading, as well as voice-overs. I conduct classes in corporations commissioned by language schools and I teach groups as well as individuals.

Native speaker in Warsaw

English lessons

I teach English based mainly on tutoring and conversation. I am a native speaker and also have a good command of business language. I use materials such as books, magazines, websites, articles and games in my teaching.

Kobieta słuchająca muzyki z laptopa
Pisanie notatek

Translations and proofreading

I provide translations and proofreading using the familiar nuances of English and Polish. I have translated materials for, among others, the Catholic University in Lublin, as well as a tour brochure for renowned musician Janusz Kohut.


I recorded, among other things, a safety message for the FCA factory in Tychy. I am registered with the Gudejko Acting Agency as an English-speaking speaker.

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